Maraska is a company producing a rich and wide range of top quality products for the Croatian and international markets. “Taste Croatia Ltd.” is the UK distributor, marketing, promoting and distributing a selection from the Maraska range of quality drinks.


The following drinks are available in UK.



Maraschino (32%) is the original liqueur produced in the town of Zadar and recognized all over the world. It is famous for its distinctive sweet taste and aroma. Maraschino is prepared according to the traditional recipe of a pharmacist of Zadar Dominican monastery from the beginning of the 16th century. This liqueur is produced from the distillate of the Dalmatian cherry marasca and rightfully carries the name “king of all liqueurs”. Maraska Maraschino is rich in its cherry flavour, thus giving the right tone to the most sought after cocktails, where it blends beautifully and gracefully compliments other flavours. Maraschino can also be used as a culinary addition, in deserts or as a topping on ice-creams. It can also be enjoyed solo or even as a mixer. Maraska Maraschino from Zadar is the only original Maraschino in the world and is far the best.
Packaging: 10cl , 70cl


Cherry Brandy

Cherry Brandy (31%) is one of the most popular liqueurs in the world and belongs to the group of Maraska products so-called the ‘Maraska specialties’. It is prepared from the natural juice of the Dalmatian cherry marasca. This liqueur has a specific sweet flavour and is of moderate density and best recognized by the natural deep red colour of ripe cherry marasca.  Maraska Cherry Brandy is a quality Cherry Brandy produced from cherries that are second to none.

Packaging: 10cl , 70cl



Cherrica (18%) is prepared from the autochthon Dalmatian cherry marasca, famous for its quality and fruity flavour. Cherrica is a light cherry liqueur of sophisticated taste and special aroma. Cherrica is in a class of its own when compared to other light cherry liqueurs and best enjoyed chilled or with ice. An all-night drink that complements any meal.
Packaging: 70cl



Orah (28%) is a fruit liqueur produced using a special technology process from the extract of unripen green walnuts. It has a rich aroma, warm feel and with a mild hint of exoticism. It is surprisingly smooth, pleasant and captivating. Orah is very potent for experimenting with cocktails where it gives the best of its flavours without overshadowing other ingredients. It can also be enjoyed solo, with a dash of milk or just as a mixer.

Packaging: 10cl , 70cl



Pelin (28%) is known as “national liqueur” since ancient times. Maraska Pelin is one of the most popular and best-known products of Dalmatia. It is well recognized by its specific bitter taste of absinthe optimally mixed with aromatic herbs. A great aperitif on its own or when mixed with tonic (with a dash of squeezed orange) or Coca-Cola produces a very refreshing drink.

Pelin is an ideal ingredient in heavy or bitter cocktails. It can be used and experimented with cocktails where it verily demonstrates its true potential.

Packaging: 10cl , 70cl



Slivovitz (Plum Brandy)

Slivovitz (40%) is a first-class fruit brandy prepared from the ripe plums. Thanks to the special procedure of fermentation and distillation processes it has a natural flavour and rich aroma. Long since Slivovitz has been present; it is highly respected in the international marketplace. Cherished for its straightforward mildness and pleasant aftertaste it has a reputation of excellence. In the highly exclusive ‘Slivovitz world’, Maraska Slivovitz is one of the best.

Packaging: 10cl ,  70cl



Kruskovac (25%) is an aromatic pear liqueur. The harmony of its aroma and taste is encompassed in its pleasant bright yellow colour. The sweetness of pear divinely hits you at first, followed by an after taste that retains all the flavours enough for you to be drawn back again and again. Kruskovac is one of Maraska´s most demanded liqueurs in the international marketplace. Works very well as a solo drink but excels in cocktails as a perfectly “friendly” ingredient!

Packaging: 10cl , 70cl


COSMOpolitan Vodka

Produced by distillation of fermented mixture of noble grains, COSMOpolitan vodka falls into strong alcoholic drinks group. Carefully filtered, neutral taste of Cosmopolitan vodka and soft aroma, reveal countless combinations of drinks.

Packaging: 10cl , 50cl, 100cl